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Being a teacher is not for the faint of heart.  From planning lessons, to teaching all day, to checking papers, to dreaming about how you are going to get your students where they need to be - it can be draining.  Oh... and not to mention you might be a wife and mom! 

That's why I'm here to help!  I've been there (read the info below to find out more).  

I know that you have enough on your plate, but you also want to create a classroom atmosphere where your students are always engaged and learning. 

Our Hub Club has hundreds upon hundreds of our most popular resources.  From our hands-on math and ELA centers to whole-group activities, to early finisher and worksheets.  You will not need to look anywhere else for Math and ELA!  

And what's even better... I'm here for you if you need something else.  

If you need it, and we don't have it, we have a form that you can fill out and we will jump on it if we can create what you are needing.

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First let me say, I'm a wife and mom of three.  From school work, to gymnastics and sports activities, I was always struggling with time.  I started teaching after all three of my children were born, so I had to learn how to "do it all" after I was a mom.  

Once I started teaching, I realized that the curriculum wasn't enough.  I started writing grants to get materials that would help me during the school day.  I quickly realized that I could make these at a fraction of the cost AND I could tailor them to fit my needs and the needs of my students.  The rest is history.  I found a passion for creating resources for my school and eventually my district.  

I taught first grade for 12 years, middle school ELA and Technology for four years, I was a Technology Facilitator for four years and I was a Pre-k to 8th grade Assistant Principal for 1 1/2 years.  

Even though I've been in different roles, I can say... HANDS DOWN... my favorite position was teaching first grade.  So much so, that after four years of middle school I begged to move back down to first grade.  After spending a few more years in first, I eventually moved to the school board...there's a lot more to that story, and if you really want to know - you can read all about my full journey here.

I've been selling my resources on TPT since 2013, so the resources within the HUB CLUB have been tested by thousands of teachers! 

You can check out my store here:

Shanon Juneau We Are Better Together

I absolutely love creating engaging, hands-on activities to keep it fun within the classroom, as well as standards-based activities to make sure that everything is getting covered.  Click on the link below to grab some freebies to see if you like my style. 

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